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fiera milano.
may 3-6 2015

Our cold cuts:
good on their own,
even better
with company.


The taste
of Italy.

Discover the Fiorucci world.




The passion and care we put into our work have never changed from day one. We select only the highest quality meat to produce our delicious and natural cold cuts.
Combining ancient wisdom and advanced techniques we aim to pleasure your palate throughout the day.

to create extraordinary


for each course

With our cold cuts you can make all kind of dishes, from the most traditional to the most creative. Have a look at our recipes and get inspired by them! You can follow the directions carefully or just have fun seasoning them with your imagination. Combining your ideas with our passion you will always have an appetizing result.

here to


without ever betraying the origins

It all began in 1850 in Norcia, a small town in the Umbrian Apennines. This area is widely known for producing excellent meat and cold cuts. Here is where the Fiorucci family lived. Thus begins our long history, made up of traditional values and forward-looking visions.

in the hearts of

the people.


We love sharing our experiences and that's the way we want you to get involved with events, promotions and competitions.
A funny way to introduce you to our passion and products.