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Our R&D team is constantly innovating to create delicious new meat products and improve existing ones, through a combination of new technologies and traditional techniques.

Our mission
Our R&D team is constantly innovating to create delicious new meat products and improve existing ones. We stay on top of trends, explore new technologies and traditional techniques and challenge the status quo in our industry. For everything we develop and refine, we balance consumers' needs – nutrition, health, taste, enjoyment and convenience – with Campofrio Food Group’s strategic business objectives.

Centralized leadership and proximity to our consumers strengthens our innovation process. That’s why our R&D team works in six countries where we have a strong presence, collaborating with our local sales and marketing teams to stay aware of local developments. This structure helps us delight our consumers across continents, whether they are seeking a convenient snack, a moment of pleasure from their culinary heritage or a healthy item to incorporate into their daily routine.
R&D Projects
Our R&D team strives to introduce new products and technologies, optimize existing portfolio and manufacturing processes and stay on top of market trends.
We are also committed to health. Many of our foods benefit consumers seeking a balanced diet and lifestyle, as well as those with more specific needs who are trying to incorporate more proteins, vitamins and minerals into their diets. We offer a wide range of healthy meat products – including our Naturissimos and CuidaT+ (Spain and Portugal), Amarsi d+(Italy) lines, our reduced salt products from Aoste, Weight Watchers range in Belgium - for people with high blood pressure, food allergies and intolerances, as well as those who are overweight or obese.

We are constantly working to reduce preservatives and colorants or replace them with natural compounds in our meat products.
Projects such as these are leading to the development of new lines of meat products, including Naturissimos, Amarsi D+, CuidaT+, which are minimally processed using traditional techniques.
Consumers around the world are increasingly aware of the need to protect our planet. At Campofrio Food Group we believe strongly that our children's future depends on careful stewardship of our natural resources. For that reason while our aim is to provide high-quality food, our most important commitment to our consumers and to society is secured with business principles based on long term sustainability. We have initiatives in place to improve our factories’ energy use, make our transportation and logistics more efficient, and reduce our packaging materials. As part of our Energy Efficiency Plan, which has been in place since 2009,
we are reducing our consumption of electricity, oil, gas and water. We have invested in installing new technologies to use energy more efficiently, started to transform refrigeration units to enable them to use environmental friendly refrigerants and we are researching bio-based plastics made from natural sources as well as biodegradable laminated papers and foils.